Three Best Places to Catch Sunrise in Paris

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Sunrise is a lovely time of the day, and Paris city makes it even lovelier. If you are an early bird, then there are areas to watch the sunrise in the City of Lights in a better way than most others. When you go on a private walking tour Paris, you might have an altogether different list of places to visit, but make ensure you include some of these into your itinerary. You might not be too wrong if you make your visit in the evening, but usually, there will not be too much crowd in your way early morning.


Stroll to the esplanade of Trocadéro if all you want is a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. This is the kind of open area in Paris city that offers unparallel views of what is arguably the world’s most famous monument. If you have skills in photography, then pack your wide-angle camera for some shots of the skyline with the Tower in the midst. Just stand on the big open area to see just how it looks from a distance. For a movie buff, this is where August Walker (Henry Cavil) and the CIA big shot Erika Sloane (Angela Bassett) meets in the action caper “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”.

Musée du Louvre

The Louvre Museum is on many people’s list of best spots to catch sunrise for pretty much the same reason that the above-mentioned esplanade is on their list: early morning is the only time where one can have the museum to themselves. There are more such secrets of Paris private tours, which are up for grabs for the curios-minded.

The world’s most-visited museum, going by many people’s claim, sees peering crowds pretty much all the time. However, if you go on Louvre tour early morning, you get the chance to catch the sunrise behind the IM Pei-designed pyramid or the Caroussel du Louvre. The best part is that you do not have to purchase tickets if you arrive here early.


Belleville is one of the highest points in Paris. It also offers an incredible view of Paris skyline. The view from here is in some ways comparable to those from the hill of Montmartre neighborhood. So if you have been to the hilly area, then try Belleville for an alternative experience. It is an underrated spot, and not many consider it when they go in search of sunrise spots in the city.