The “No Go” Zones to Avoid in Paris

Private Walking Tours Of Paris

The beautiful City of Lights is famous for its vibrant bridges and boulevards, and only a few people know about the dangers that lie hidden in the city. There are actual “No Go” zones in Paris too other than the “Don’t Go” zones. Below is the list of places to avoid while traveling through the city.

The Metro (On Hot Summer Days)

The metro in Paris is a crowded place with absolutely no air conditioning facilities. It has a total of 300 stations and 16 lines, which covers a large portion of central Paris. It even has a damp smell at times. These are the reasons that make Paris Metro a pure “No Go” zone during the hot summer days. The best thing to do on a summer day is to enjoy the private walking tours of Paris rather than spending your valuable time in the crowded metro.

The Roundabout at the Arc De Triomphe

The most important “No Go” route to avoid while you steer along the roads of the city is the roundabout at the Arc De Triomphe. About 12 avenues meet at this incredible cross street. This route is full of chaos that you have to be an exceptional driver to return from this route without a scratch.

The Gare du Nord Train Station after Dark

The Gare du Nord train station should be avoided after sunset if you do not want an encounter with the drug sellers, hangout in gloomy bars, or to be around with a bunch of people having absolutely nothing to do. It is sad that this railway station spoils the first impression of many people traveling to Paris city.

The Eiffel Tower on a Summer Saturday Afternoon

The Eiffel Tower is clearly a famous tourist attraction. Over 7 million people pay a visit to this spot every year. You must avoid this spot on Saturday afternoons in summer though, unless you like long queues and have a lot of time to spare. The perfect time to visit the Tower is in the early morning or in the evening on weekdays; this way, you do not have to wait for a long time to climb the Tower. You could also try to get tickets ahead of time for enjoying the most out of your private tours Paris.