Wonderful Day Trips to Explore Paris

Private Tours Paris
Private Tours Paris
Private Tours Paris

Paris is a wonderful destination for spending your holidays. It offers many world-famous attractions and beautiful landscapes for visitors to enjoy. It is a perfect location for you to relax and enjoy your vacation. Apart from the beautiful and famous landmarks of Paris, there are also a lot of other places near this city that you could visit during your private tours Paris. These locations will make your Paris trip even more enjoyable and memorable.

If you are wondering about the famous destinations near Paris that you can visit during your private city tour Paris, then we have got you covered. Following are some wonderful destinations near Paris that you can reach easily. These locations are really stunning and will never disappoint you. You should definitely visit them during your private tours Paris for getting an unforgettable experience.

Versailles Palace and Gardens

This is one of the important destinations you should include in your must-visit list. As the former seat of the royal family, this palace attracts a large number of visitors every year. It remains as a symbol of the prestigious French monarchy and its downfall which is followed by the revolution that took place in 1789. The powerful king Louis XIV who is known as the “Sun King” erected the Chateau de Versailles. Later it became home to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who were later executed.

The palace gardens are a wonderful destination for taking a stroll or picnicking, especially during the spring. You can also pay a visit to the private quarters of Queen Marie Antoinette along with her animal farm and cottage.

Saint-Denis Cathedral Basilica and the Royal Necropolis

This is a beautiful medieval pilgrimage center and a stunning example of the high gothic architecture. You can reach this destination easily which features a necropolis that is dedicated to the kings, queens and other famous royal figures. There is also a mysterious crypt that holds the remains of the famed saint. This is a spectacular location that you should include in your private tours Paris.

Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte

If you love history and literature, then this is a perfect option for you. This chateau that was built during the 17th century is situated to the east of Paris. It also has a beautiful garden and fountains where you can sit and relax after your city exploration.

Claude Monet’s House and Gardens

Those who are interested in art would definitely appreciate a visit to the home and gardens of Claude Monet, who was a French impressionist painter. The private gardens here were open to the public since 1980 and it features magnificent Japanese bridges along with water lilies and a wide variety of other flowers and trees.