What Not to Miss at Paris Art Fair 2019

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The 21st edition of Art Paris in 2019 is all about celebrating womanhood. The Grand Palais would be brimming with both contemporary and modern forms of art, along with those from the post-war period. The fair is planned with a goal to give Latin American arts some space to be aired among the general population. “Springtime in Paris” is the theme this year, and it portrays the blending of the Parisian art scene with that of Latin American presence in the City of Lights.

Delve Into the Record-Breaking Monographic Exhibitions

The monographic exhibition displays around 39 solo shows this year, which is a record. The fair had been boosting this whole idea of monographic art projects among potential artists. The numbers are indeed growing, having increased from 36 to 39 by this year.

Parisian Women Artists

Set up by a collective of women artists called AWARE (Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions), this is about giving prominence to the work done by the women artists in Paris. This time around, there are 25 among them selected under four specific themes: Feminists Avant-Garde, Image, Abstraction, and Theatricality.

Young Galleries Called “Promises”

Some art galleries like H Gallery of Paris, Arte Contemporanea of Rome, and 12 more are showcasing various art forms this year. These 14 galleries together are together called “Promises”, and they are centered on Grand Palais. They were built six years back. It is the fair that is funding 45% of the galleries’ participation expenses.

The World Capital of Art

Through the ages, Paris had been an active art market shielding its tradition of both contemporary and ancient renaissance art. There are quite a few vibrant institutions, with daring new architecture which can be explored in detail when you venture out on one of the finer private tours Paris has to offer.

Latin Artists on The Floor

The artistic displays from the southern tip of America, right from the 1960s to the present, will be spread out in twenty Asian, European and Latin American galleries across the City. Furthermore, the very ethnicity of the region is being made familiar to the fair’s visitors with various installation works, video programs, and presentations thematic of the private collection.