What Not to Do in Paris

Private Tours Paris
Private Tour Paris

Paris is a beautiful, photogenic city with impressive architecture and delicious food. But before making private tour to Paris, you need to read up on things not to do in Paris. Below listed are some of the things that you should never do in the city of Paris.

Never Buy Tickets for Performances and Shows on the Day of the Event

To save time and avoid long lines in Paris, make sure to buy tickets online in advance. What if you hurriedly reach your hall and you get to know the hall is houseful? All your efforts will go in vain. When you book tickets online, you can choose the shows and show times you want.

Don’t Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

Select the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear. Don’t wear new shoes or heels because there are many areas in Paris to explore on foot.

Don’t Use Taxis, Use the Metro

It is always recommended to use the metro in France rather than hiring a taxi. It is also cheap, reliable as taxis and is the best way to move around in the city.

In addition, it’s better to purchase the Paris Pass which includes free transport on the Metro, and buses, which can reduce your expense on visiting Paris.

Don’t Throw your Metro Ticket until you Exit the Station

Even if you purchase a single ticket, do not assume that once you enter through the barrier you never again need your ticket. You need to show your ticket any time during your journey, when asked by an authorized person. You should need the ticket to exit the barriers. So, make sure to keep your ticket until you exit the station.

Don’t Assume That Everyone Will Speak English

One of the common mistakes of visitors to Paris is, assuming that everyone will speak English. English will be understood at hotels, train stations, and restaurants but it’s better to learn some French keywords and phrases to use if needed.

Don’t Plan to Visit the Louvre on Tuesday

If you wish to visit the Louvre museum, do not go on a Tuesday. It will be closed on Tuesdays.

It is the world’s most visited museums and is always busy, so you should be prepared before you arrive.

Here are some tips to make your visit to the Louvre more enjoyable.

  • Make a plan of things that you want to see and map out your route. The museum is very large and it is the best way to make use of the visit without being tired out.
  • Guided tours are a great way to see the museum’s highlights and learn more about art.
  • Get there early before getting crowd.
  • Book your tickets in advance