Top Seven Parisian Jazz Clubs

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The city known for their rich heritage and culture can not only be experienced by stopping over at the Parisian historic monuments, but one must also try to explore the dance and music popular in the French capital. Moreover, the city of Paris has got a long legacy of jazz music, as it houses a remarkable number of jazz clubs to its treasure. Here are the top jazz clubs in the city of Paris, where you can dance to the 1920s tunes and enjoy good French savors. 


Constructed in 1925, the peniche also serves tapas flavored dishes like that of guacamole, chorizo, and tacos in the backdrop of jazz music. A couple of hours can be well spent by listening to the two-piece jazz band watching boats passing by in River Seine along with sipping champagne. It is located on the Quai de l’Hôtel de ville on the bank of Seine. Programs are mostly set on the open top floors of the boats, where around 200 people can dine at the same time. In all aspects, the Marcounet turns out to be a lively and unusual tourist spot to mesmerize jazz in the city of Paris.


The club is owned by Richard Bona, who is a world-renowned artist popular as one of the greatest bassist ever lived. At the place, the artist blends up all kinds of contemporary musicians and their art without even getting concerned about the latest innovations in the field of music. Any listener at Nubia may wonder that they are in any recording studio when they get to hear the jazz music of very high quality. All the while, you may enjoy French delicacies in their top-level catering when listening to the pop, blues, rock, electro and world music, R&B, Hip-Hop and what not.


The comfy little jazz spot is worth a visit with its welcoming understated exterior to the music lovers visiting Paris. An intimate ambiance can be experienced at Sunset-Sunside along with its dimly lit salon, which is elevated by the tight-packed layout and enough curiosity. Very loosely set, the stage of the Jazz club encourages maximum involvement of the audience in the music, as they would be invited to the center space to dance. Soothing jazz vibes attract large crowds of younger lots as friends and couples during the weekends.

Jazz Café Montparnasse

The thirty-year-old mythical jazz venue in Paris is situated very close to the Montparnasse Tower in the Left Bank. Both good music and good food will be promised in the Café, which was visited by world-renowned jazz players all across the world. A cozy and convivial ambiance is set in the Jazz Cafe, where a luminous conservatory was installed recently. The best part of stopping over at the jazz venue is that the visitors would get to listen to the live concerts of AuroreVoilqué’s violin without paying a penny.

Caveau de la Huchette

The jazz venue at this ancient underground cellar is deemed as one of the best in the whole city. Dress in the 1920s style of flappers and drop over at Caveaude la Huchette, which is located away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland city. The musical den would create a cozy atmosphere, making every visitor get down and move to the rhythms of wild jazz music. The club has got a great history of jazz music as most of the post-war jazz musicians had performed at the venue. Though it sounds quirky, the stone arch below where people dance to the jazz music was once used to operate as an execution chamber in the 1500s.

38 RIV Jazz Club

Nestles on the right bank of River Seine, the jazz venue of 38 RIV Jazz Club is set in the indoors of a vaulted cellar that comprises of beautiful medieval stonework of 13th century. Funk jamming and spontaneous jazz sessions are hosted by the club along with every sort of jazz music and traditional Baroque and Brazilian music concerts. Furthermore, with the motive of developing the young talents of budding players, the club also conducts amateur jazz sessions apart from a wide range of shows. Located near the Notre Dame Cathedral, the club would be a perfect spot to end your private tours Paris quite artistically.

Jazz Club Etoile

The list of jazz venues in Paris would be incomplete without including the name of Etoile. Started with a single pianist in the hotel of Le MéridienEtoile in 1975, the club has been witnessing a flurry of jazz music with the contributions of stalwarts like Marcel Zanini, Maxim Saury and Géo Daly. The place had got a great reputation for setting stages for performances from many eminent jazz artists.