The Top 7 Restaurants in Montmartre

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Montmartre has its own legacy in the history of France. The village is preferred to explore the quaint aspect of Paris city. The place is known for the gastronomy along with numerous restaurants with an amalgamation of both French culture and contemporary taste.

Chez la Mere Catherine

Although this is one of the oldest restaurants in Montmartre, which was built in 1793, they are still very popular among the ardent fans of French classic flavors. La Mere Catherine lines up many paintings of old Montmartre inside, while all kinds of popular French recipes are served here.

Moulin Rouge

You cannot speak of Montmartre without mentioning Moulin Rouge. Although it is known as an iconic cabaret that lights up every night for the French cancan, you can also get amazing delicacies here like French beans with ‘1889 beef’. They serve sensible vegan recipes too.

Le Petit Parisien

The ambiance of Le Petit Parisien gives visitors a nostalgic feel whenever they visit the place. They use that distinct style for their food and even to the décor. Professional chefs still follow the old-fashioned Parisian recipes at this restaurant, sometimes with a slight touch of modernism. The recipes comprise many traditional taste roast chickens and lamb chops.

Hardware Société Paris

Size never really matters when it is all about satisfying our tummies. A detour from the main streets that private tour guides in Paris Franceprefers to this place will surely turn out to be a wise choice. From chocolate brownies to lobster benedicte, this charming cute restaurant has a long list of French recipes of different genres.

Sacrée Fleur

The name of the restaurant resembles the historic monument nearby. It is very much in sync with the Sacré-Cœur basilica, and the recipes here mostly feature meat dishes. You could find beef rib, raw beef tartare, as well as rump steak that is unusually teamed up with salads, chips, and sauces. The cow is seen everywhere in Sacrée Fleur right from its logo to the curtains hung.

Soul Kitchen

Tourists visiting Sacré-Cœur can take a peep at the Soul Kitchen, which is situated very near to the church building. All those health conscious people can try the restaurant and experiment as they like; the recipes here are meant to nourish the body with homemade and healthy dishes. The ingredients used in their recipes are organic as well.

Les Tantes Jeanne

All meat lovers on Paris tours head to this restaurant located in the rue des Abbesses. There is the feast of various cuts by friendly staffs here. There is an exclusive Japanese recipe of Kobe meat too, which is of great demand along with French classic delicacies. Other favorites in the list include sweetbread cassoulet, Sichuan pepper with Duck breast, and Cep mushroom along with diverse desserts.