The Best Places to Visit in Paris by Nighttime

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Private Tours Paris
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Paris, which is commonly called the City of Lights, is the global center of gastronomy, culture, art, and fashion. This beautiful city also features amazing nightlife scene. This city offers a lot of free and fairly inexpensive things to do at night. Many people relate the nightlife in Paris to chic clubs or cancan dancing, but that is not the truth. Paris has plenty of other spectacular experiences that come outside of these ideas. If you go for a private Paris walking tour with a personal photographer at night, you would be even more charmed by the beauty of this photogenic city.

Moonlit Walk around Paris Landmarks

Just like what you could see in the movies “Midnight in Paris” and “An American in Paris”, taking a walk through the streets of this beautiful city offers you an enchanting nighttime experience. Walking through the banks of River Seine is perfect during the summer months. The Pont des Arts, the Ile de la Cité, and the Pont Neuf areas are the best spots to visit at that time.

Walking along the riverbanks from where you could see a good view of Notre Dame is also a good idea. The Notre Dame Cathedral looks all the more stunning when lit up at night. There are many other places too in Paris, which are perfect for a relaxed night walk, such as the Marais district and Rue Montorgueil.

DJs and Dance

This French capital features a verity of fun activities like the Latin dancing, rocking DJs – if you are looking for a rock bar, you can find all these in this awesome city. Paris also has many nightclubs were you could spend the short morning hours. The City of Lights is sure to charm you with its awesome partying vibes and nighttime escapades.

Night Cruise on the Seine River

Going for a wonderful night cruise on the Seine River is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of the French capital city. This beautiful night cruise will show you the true beauty of the iconic monuments in Paris. The view of the Louvre, the Assemblée Nationale, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Pont des Arts is stunning at night. If you have a camera with night setting mode, then there are numerous evening photo options for you as well.