The Best Luxury Cars to Rent in Paris

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The beautiful Paris city has a vast population with more than 12 million people living here. In fact, this extensive City of Lights has about one-fifth of the total population in France. When you calculate that number to the number of tourists visiting this magnificent city, you can easily imagine how crowded it can get at the famous spots in Paris. That means, you need to plan your trip wisely.

While you are in Paris, you would surely want to visit most of its outstanding museums and take a trip to the Eiffel Tower. If so, an incredible option to get a more personalized experience of the city will be through a private car tour Paris. In fact, there are many car rentals and chauffeured services in Paris, which even offer you the car of your choice to travel around the French capital city. Below are some of the options you can try.

Renting Ferrari 458 Italia Spider (Starting from €1,480)

Ferrari is one of the most famous sports car producers in the whole world, and it launches a brand new mid-engine racecar in every 5 years. In 2010, according to their tradition, they launched the 458 Italia, and soon after that, they came up with the dazzling 458 Italia Spider. This awesome car has a 4.5 liter aspirated V8 engine, which could produce an excess of 570 hp, and reach the speed of 100 kilometers per hour within just 3.5 seconds.

Renting Jaguar F-Type Cabriolet (Starting from €440)

The Jaguar F-Type is an awesome supercar having an ennobling performance, sophistication and good functionality, which is something that only the Jaguar company could make. The stylish car has a 340 hp engine, which could set off at the speed of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.5 seconds.

Renting McLaren 650s Spider (Starting from €1,720)

McLaren makes some really fast cars that no one could dispute about them. McLaren F1 also held the title as the fastest car from the year 1992 to 2005. It has now come up with the spectacular 650s Spider. Although it may not break a speed record or something similar to that, it is a really fast and stirring car to drive across the streets of Paris.

Renting Porsche 718 Boxster S (Starting from €500)

The awesome 718 Boxster S has a contemporary turbocharger cylinder 4-cylinder unit, which replaced the standard straight-6 configuration of the engine. The engine can produce a 350 hp and reach a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just a matter of 4.1 seconds.