The Best Foods to Enjoy in Paris

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The best part of private tours Paris is definitely the delicious food the French capital offers you. Most of the appetizing Parisian food includes an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, fish, and cheese, which would definitely light up your taste buds. Below is a list of the best foods you would find in Paris.

Fresh Bread from the Boulangerie

The crispy baguette freshly taken from the oven here is especially delightful. You could get regular French baguette, la traditions, la croquise,la campagnarde, la croustillante, and so on in Paris. It is really a wonderful experience to roam around Paris with a baguette in your hand.

Chocolate for Breakfast

Chocolate croissant is one of the most famous breakfasts in Paris. This is literally chocolate bread with a dark chocolate center filling. You could get chocolate croissant from supermarkets, convenience stores, or freshly made from pastry shops.

Trying Cheese

You could get cheese at a very reasonable price in Paris. The cheese that you get here is sometimes half the price of that you get in the United States. All supermarkets in the French capital city as well as many street shops sell cheese.

Steak and Frites

This delicious meal consists of steak paired along with French fries. You could stop at any bistro to have this magnificent meal. Interesting fact: French fries were earlier called American fries in Paris.

Macarons and Cookies

Macarons are one of a kind in terms of their taste. These tasty gluten-free cookies are made using granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, icing sugar, egg white, and food coloring. Macarons in are available in a variety of flavors in Paris.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate, which is also called drinking chocolate in Paris, is a drink made up of melted chocolate and heated milk or water. It could also have whipped cream or marshmallow as its topping sometimes. The “chocolate chaud” is something, which you should definitely try during you Paris tours.


Crêpe is a kind of thin pancake stuffed with a variety of fillings. There are two types of crêpes: sweet crêpes and savory galettes. There is even a National Crêpe Day in France, which is celebrated on February 2.

Crème Brûlée

Crème brûlée is also called burnt cream or Trinity cream. This classic French dessert consists of rich custard base with hardened caramelized sugar as the topping.