Some Wonderful Castles in the Neighborhood of Paris

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Europe has a fascinating history of monarchies, tyranny, and war. As a proof of its rich and glorious past, there are a lot of wonderful castles distributed throughout Europe. These elegant structures attract people from all over the world. Among them, some are left to ruins, while some others are preserved as such, and the rest are renovated and modified to create many beautiful public buildings and alternate forms of space.

These castles are a wonderful option for you to explore during your private tours Paris. There are a lot of stunning castles in the neighborhood of Paris that will definitely impress visitors. They will give you a peek into the history and culture of this prestigious place. You can also enjoy the extravagant and ancient French architecture by visiting them. Hence, we list some of the well-known castles that are situated near Paris.

You may be able to recognize some of the castles of France from Hollywood movies. There are many such movies that showcase the elegant structures. You would get overwhelmed by the enormous number of castles in this country. There are a total of 5450 stunning castles distributed around the country that fascinates tourists from all over the world. Some of them are very famous while some others remain hidden in some of the least visited places in France.

Even though it is impossible to see all of the castles in France because of its huge number, we list some of the spectacular ones among them for you to include in your private tours Paris.

Mont Saint-Michel

The Normandy region is brimming with castles that make it a great destination for you to visit during your private tours Paris. One of such stunning castles is the Mont Saint-Michel situated in the neighborhoods of Paris. You can purchase a roundtrip bus ticket that will take you to this destination. You will be able to get a bus to this place from any bus station in Paris.

Mont Saint-Michel is quite a sight to watch with its beautiful exteriors and magnificent interiors. As you start your exploration of this place, you will begin to see the castle in anentirely different light. This is because this structure is not solely a castle, it is also an old walled city that was constructed around the 8th century which gave it an appearance like a castle.

However, this building fascinates visitors with its narrow streets and winding paths. There are a series of guided tours through this place which will help you to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. One of the fascinating things about this structure is that it will become an island when the nearby tide comes in. You can explore this stunning castle on your own or with a guided tour that will help you to understand all the impressive facts about this alluring place. This is definitely a must-visit place during your private tours Paris.

Château de Chantilly

It comprises of two wonderful castles that are promised to amaze you. You can reach this place by traveling 40km north of Paris. The Petit Château situated here was constructed around15th century, while the Grand Château was founded on the 19th. The castles spread across a vast area and are surrounded by ponds, lakes, gardens and villages. These features make it an ideal place for those want to enjoy the beauty of French country life. This is a perfect destination to head to if you want to indulge in the serenity of village life far away from the city. Take a break from the city exploration and find some time to visit these pristine castles with its fine countryside view that will definitely calm your mind.

You can also see Chantilly Racecourse along with the Condé Museum and the Great Stables here. On some particular days, there will be special shows and events conducted in this place that attracts a lot of locals as well as tourists.

The Condé Museum itself is really impressive, as it houses a large collection of French paintings after the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.

Château de Chambord

Our next destination is the Château de Chambord that is located in Loire Valley which lies 15 kilometers northeast of Blois, France. This alluring castle was built in the 16th century and is the largest one in the entire valley. It is situated 5 kilometers away from the main river. There is an impressive moat which provides a fascinating view for the visitors creating a stunning background for a photograph.

It is believed that most of the architectural features of this castle was taken from Leonardo da Vinci and his famous works. This castle can be accessed by visitors all-round the year. You can use audio-assistants that will give you a narration about the significant past of this castle. This will make a wonderful destination for your private tours Paris.