Places you Wouldn’t Believe Exist in Paris

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When it comes to Paris, it would seem as if you know everything that is there to know about the city. You may even have gone for private tours Paris to well-known locations of the city including its famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Palace of Versailles, or the other popular sites in the city. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you may even know about Paris Fashion Week. However, this is not all; the city has a number of secret places that lie hidden within it. Below are some of the secret places of the city that you must explore on your next Paris tours.

Shadow Town

There is actually a city of shadows, which lies hidden beneath the City of Lights. You would find a number of underground tunnels and galleries deep down boulevards and avenues located along the south of Paris. Many tourists visiting the French capital usually pop round the Paris Catacombs, but this is actually a small portion of the treasures that lay underneath the glorious city; it really has a lot more secrets.

The tunnels that you would be able to see in Paris are actually the result of mining for Lutetian limestone. During the time of Second World War, the Nazis created a bunker beneath the streets of Lycée Montaigne, which is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Later, the French Resistance group used these passages to pass messages and for conducting their meetings.

In recent times, the tunnel has become a spot for secret clubs and parties. In 2004, the police discovered actively functioning movie theatres, bars, and restaurants hidden within this infernal world. The people who frequently make visits to this place are commonly known as “cataphiles”. They usually have a vast knowledge of the hidden tunnels. Their selection of tunnel varies recurrently as the police finds and seals them off.

Hidden Village

One of the biggest secrets in the city is La Campagne à Paris. This is a mini village located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. This place houses around 92 skillfully crafted houses. This awesome region is just a short distance away from the Périphérique ring road of Paris, which is an isolated area full of wisteria, window boxes, and pastel colors.

This hidden village was really established by a pastor named Sully Lombard for the use of people of the working class. Most of the houses here end up costing around one million Euros. You would be able to reach this place by traveling to the Porte de Bagnolet Metro station; you would have to take a short walk from here to reach the beautiful village.

Awesome Tea Garden

Most of the people are familiar with the historic churches in Paris, but only a few know about the grand mosque located within the city. The mosque was built in 1926 and is located within the Latin Quarter of the city. There is also a magnificently decorated courtyard café ornamented with mosaic works. You could also find hanging foliage in here, this proves to be an awesome place to enjoy a cup mint tea and escape from the busyness of the city life.

This is really an awesome place to stop by when you are on private Paris tours. This experience would also take you through the prosperous cultural tradition of the superb city.

Shakespeare & Company Bookshop

You would be able to find a historic bookstore called Shakespeare & Company bookshop near the left bank of Seine River. This shop was found by Sylvia Beach. In 1951, George Whitman, a renowned American bohemian, reopened the shop in a different location.

From its beginning, the shop welcomed tumbleweeds who would read books from the store and would offer a helping hand in return for the favor. They used to read a book every day and then would leave an autobiography. A total of 30,000 tumbleweeds visited Shakespeare & Co bookshop in this manner.

Gargoyle on Notre Dame

One of the oldest buildings in Paris, Notre Dame was almost demolished during the 19th Century, but Victor Hugo came to its rescue. His novel, Notre Dame de Paris, aroused emotions for the building in the Parisian hearts.

The building was renovated by the famous architect Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. He also made new refurbishment in the building like a gargoyle sculpted with the face of angry women with a hat. Many people rumored that he had sculptured the face of his mother in law.

You would be able to find several fantastical sculptures in the different façades of the building. The primary purpose of the gargoyles is to drain off the rainwater from the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris. This was done in order to prevent water from dripping off through the walls of the building, causing damage to the structure.