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Paris is full of sights to explore, but you may get bored with the constant lack of outdoor activity. There are several ways to get some time in the outdoors while in Paris. It offers several activities that will help you burn those calories and get a rush of adrenaline. Read on to discover some of the best sports destinations in Paris. Make sure you visit these places after your Private Tours Paris.

Bubble Football

The rule is very simple: you have to get inside an air bubble that shields you from head to knee. Then, you attempt to score a goal without being collided by the opposing team. The most enjoyable way to experience this is to visit with your friends. In case you are curious to know more, visit Bubble Bump. You will be invited by a warm group. The game lasts for 30-minutes and involves at least 6 players.


In case you are an adrenaline junkie, and you have constantly dreamed about free-falling from 4,000 meters, skydiving is the activity for you. The best part is that there is a landing strip inside 2 hours of drive from Paris at the Somme. It will surely be an unforgettable experience of your life. During the tandem jump, you will be joined by an educator. You can also get a cameraman to film your jump and capture the moments.

Indoor Free-fall Simulator

Perhaps you have been itching to do a parachute jump, but the heights always put you off. In the indoor free-fall simulator provided by Aerokart, there is nothing to be afraid of. This cylinder has a diameter of 4.8 meters by 7 meters in length. It sends air at 200 km for every hour and reproduces the feeling that you get when you skydive. The wind keeps going for two and a half minutes.

Kart Racing

The Aerokart office provides one of the biggest indoor karting tracks at Ile-de-France. In case you are a pro pilot, or if you simply prefer to do laps, race at 70 km per hour at this 480-meter track. Grown-ups and children can participate in a 10-minute session. Further, they offer races each month.

Bootcamp Training

Bootcamp training is an idea that comes directly from the United-States. It was designed using American military training methods and includes stretching oneself as far as possible during an extreme training course. A gym entirely dedicated to boot camp opened for visitors in 2015. Now, you can take part in a training course and find new limits of adventure.

Water Skiing on the Seine

In case you feel like you need some bold outdoor action, you may head to the Club Nautique du 19ème (CN19). This was established in 1986 and you can find it in Boulogne-Billancourt between the Pont Saint-Cloud (Saint-Cloud bridge) and the Pont de (Sèvres bridge). All the action takes place during weekends and from March to December. There are two choices offered to take part in this activity – by laps or by time. Enjoy the feeling of gliding through the river at full speed as you water ski on a sunny day. The club offers more programs like monoskiing, wakeboarding, and the Air Chair.

Introduction and Hoverboard Ride

This is another unique way to tour Paris. The hoverboard was invented in China in 2014, and it has been very popular worldwide. The website welcomes visitors to hit the streets of Paris with one of these mechanized skateboards. You can initially learn the operations of the board and its activity, Later you can enjoy a smooth ride through the banks of the Seine. In case you are good with the hoverboard, there are different tours with varying difficulty levels.

Adventure Park

Normally, people cannot visualize themselves climbing trees and hopping from one tree to another or zip-lining through green spaces in Paris. Evasion Verte offers you just the adventure package you were looking for. There are several adventurous circuits through the trees here and you can enjoy the place from February to November. All 4 circuits here have different levels of difficulty. The place is situated in the Parc Floral of Paris. It is just 5 minutes away from the Porte de Bercy, which is a recreation center with a perfect setting for a beautiful day alongside your family or companions.

Paper Chase in Paris

The site Quiveutpister Paris (it means “Who wants to chase Paris”) welcomes you to explore Paris through a major paper chasee around the most celebrated landmarks of the city. it is a treasure hunt where you have to discover bits of information, unravel puzzles and find solutions to obstacles created by the group. There are ten paper chases offered for visitors. All of them revolve around a separate district of Paris. You can also book through their website.

Take part in the above sports to make your visit to Paris more thrilling and memorable.