Paris Restaurants Specializing In Traditional French Foods

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Those who are visiting Paris as tourists have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to Paris cuisine. You will be able to choose the food of your interest, on your Paris tours. However, if you particularly want to taste French foods, there are some restaurants in Paris city, which are specializing in French dishes. You will be able to eat French food in these restaurants without spending much of your money from your wallet.

Here are some suggestions for the top French-friendly restaurants in Paris.

Le P’tit Troquet

It is a two-room restaurant located in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower. It is a restaurant where you can get the top quality French food items. The starters themselves are very delicious, which will be followed by the main course, in turn, followed by the desserts. Your money is greatly valued here. You can be assured of good quality food being served to you. It is good to make a reservation in the restaurant earlier because it can be crowded due to its popularity.

Chez Paul

It is yet another place to munch on French dishes at affordable prices. Escargot is served as the starters. Steak with pepper sauce is an excellent main course food. Nowhere in Paris will you get a steak of this taste at such good prices. Crème brûlée, along with bourbon and vanilla, can be a dessert of your choice. The service is very pleasant and praiseworthy.


The decoration of this restaurant is mind-blowing. It is very simple and cozy with lighting, which matches the ambiance. You can have fine French cuisine here. Good quality cuts of meat are available here. Though most of the dishes are of meat, there are some fish and vegetarian dishes available. You should not miss their special deserts. This restaurant can be your choice if you are looking for one, which is romantic but not so formal.

La Jacobine

It is another romantic restaurant, which is hidden in the cobble-stoned passageway named Cour de Commerce Saint-André. The antique lanterns are adorning the place. The soft drawings in pastel give a special feel to the place. The menu is very long, and the food is delicious. You may choose to have duck, chicken, beef, or lamb according to your taste. The food is served in a typical French style with vegetables and mashed or baked potatoes.

You should at least once try French food in one of the above restaurants before you are done with your Paris tours.