Fun Activities During A Paris Trip

Private Tours Paris
Private Tours Paris
Private Tours Paris

Adventure and fun is the main motive of most of the private tours to Paris. Even though Paris is better known for its fashion, culture, and history, it is also the best place for adventure tourism. There are several adventure sports and games that are conducted across the city of Paris which enables the tourists to participate and to make their trip memorable. Since there is a lot of options available, most of the people get confused about choosing the best adventures for their limited time in that city. The following are some of the best fun filled adventure activities, that can make a unique Paris private tour experience.

The Bike Tour

A bike tour is one of the most common and the most classic activity which is performed by most of the visitors of Paris. Even though some of the people use cycles to see the whole city, others use it only to cover the main highlights and the outskirts of the city. A small bike tour can be started from the center of the city and a normal person can cover the Notre Dame cathedral, the city hall, and the louvre within 3 hours. Biking is not considered as an adventure sport in Paris because, it is one of the common modes of transportation in the city.

Quad Bike Trekking

The Paris tours are not all about visiting museums and watching artifacts of famous artists and learning the history of the nation and the city. Paris is considered as a heaven for tourists because, there is a scope to explore nature along with the exploration of humanity. One of the best ways to visit the aesthetic beauty of the Val d’Oise landscapes of the northern Paris is to grab a quad bike. The landscapes will enable every person to mix the adventure of trekking along with an insight into the nature.

The bubble Football

Bubble football is a funny game more than an adventure. The game is similar to that of normal football, but the difference is that the players will have to get covered by a bubble from head to knee. Only 6 players will be allowed to participate in a game and mostly a game will be only for 30 minutes. It is one of the most unique game and it will give so many memories that can last for a lifetime. Playing a match with our friends in the bubble turf will add on to the fun and excitement of such a game.


Paris has got everything for every type of tourist. Some of the people visit places in search of thrill and adventure. They will not be satisfied with normal activities that most of the people engage in during a trip. Paris has got an airlift station within a 2km radius for all those thrill seekers. Skydiving allows a person to jump from an aircraft which is flying above a 4000 meters altitude with full equipment to land safely. There are also many instructors who can help people during their skydiving and there is also option to record that moment with the help of expert photographers.

Indoor Free Fall Stimulator

Many people are afraid of heights. Even if they desire to do several acts like skydiving, paragliding, etc. their mind will restrict them to do so. The fear of height may have occurred due to several reasons but it should not limit the desire of a person. It is the main motive for the establishment of several stimulators around the world. Paris also has a free fall stimulate center which will enable a person to experience the thrill of skydiving within a closed room. It is set in a room that is 7 meters high and uses air at high speed to make a person float in the air.

Water Skiing

It is one of the most famous adventure sport in the water. If a person is planning to visit Paris during the march and December, water skiing is one of the best sport available to them. Club Nautique du 19ème is one of the oldest clubs which is situated between the Pont de Sèvres and the Pont Saint-Cloud and they provide water skiing facilities for the tourists visiting Paris. It is one of the most exciting adventures because it enables a person to touch the nature from a different dimension.

Not only the adventures and funny games mentioned above, but the city of Paris also holds a lot of thrill to the visitors. The Hoverboard park which enables visitors to move around freely in a Hoverboard and the paper chase puzzle covering the whole city are all some of the most thrilling moments of a Paris trip. Hill climbing, skating, and flying yoga are all some of the activities which can be undertaken by the people visiting this city.