Famous Movies That Will Inspire You To Go To Paris

Vacation In Paris
Vacation In Paris
Vacation In Paris

People would die to go to the “City of lights” at any time of the year. The mesmerizing Eiffel tower stands tall during the day and will leave everyone flabbergasted at night when it’s decorated with lights. The lively buzzing streets of Paris tell engrossing stories of people and create memories. Sometimes, we want to see the city. The best way to do that would be by watching movies that could wonderfully show the beauty of Paris through engaging stories in a few hours. Here is a list of few movies that will help you set foot into what Paris has to offer-

Midnight In Paris (2011)

Midnight in Paris is a refreshing movie that brings out the breathtaking beauty of Paris back in the 1920s. The movie effortlessly romanticizes Paris and shows how a different experience makes life refreshing. Owen Wilson is the protagonist of the movie who plays Gil, the successful screenwriter on vacation in Paris with his annoying and rich fiance Inez, played by Rachel McAdams. The movie shows the adventures of Gil after he is transported to the past during the time of the Lost Generation. Midnight in Paris muses on the beauty of Paris especially in the rain and at night, under the moon.

Paris, I love you (2006)

Paris, I love you is a collection of 18 small stories that depict the beauty of the City of lights cinematically. It covers all astounding places of Paris- the sparkling Eiffel tower, the lush green parks and the banks of Seine are perfectly portrayed on screen. These stories make you feel the different emotions of the people of the city and can be called a travel brochure because of the spots it covers.

Before Sunset (2004)

Often people do not talk enough. And this movie captures the smooth, raw conversation between two acquaintances in Paris who have to leave by the end of the day- making their time together limited, hence precious. They converse about their choices in life and how their decisions have changed their life. They talk about feelings, family and a lot more- which seem unscripted and natural. Being shot in different locations of Paris, this movie will definitely make you want to walk down the same streets as the characters.