Famous Canal And River Cruises In Paris

Private City Tour Paris
Private City Tour Paris
Private City Tour Paris

One of the most romantic ways to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Paris is to go on a cruise along its waters. Paris has a lot of beautiful canals and rivers that will give you a splendid view of this city. It will be an exhilarating experience for you to go on a cruise trip together with your friends and family during your private tours Paris. Hence, for helping you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of this city to its fullest, we include some of the popular canal and river cruises that you can enjoy on your private city tour Paris.

Cruise the Seine

River Seine is an inevitable part of Paris, which remains as a pride of this city. Cruising River Seine is a must-do part of every private tours Paris. There are several tour operators that provide themed tours through this river. These tours will also take you around the city through top sites including Notre Dame, Eiffel tower, the Louvre, etc.

You can also take a highlights cruise which will take around all the famous landmarks in Paris. A candlelight dinner cruise along the Seine accompanied by live music will be one of the most wonderful experience you will get in this city.

Go On A Boat Tour On The Canal De l’Ourcq

The beauty of Paris will not be complete without its canals. The Canal de l’Ourcq is the smallest navigable canal in France. Cruising through this canal will give you some stunning views of this city including romantic stones bridges, stunning rows of poplars, etc.

Take A Cruise On Marne

Marne is another spectacular river that you never want to miss. Going on a cruise along this river will give you a beautiful view of Paris. You can also see some of the famous monuments and other popular attractions in Paris during this cruise. Cruising on river Marne is among the top must-do activities during the private tours Paris.

Rent A Boat And Explore The Canals On Your Own

There are a lot of cruise service providers that will allow you to rent small boats. These self-driving boats will enable you to explore the canals of Paris on your own. Rent a boat and go on a cruise with your family or close friends. This will be a wonderful experience for you and you can enjoy the beauty of the wonderful Paris canals at your own pace without any rush.