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Not enjoying your sweet tooth in Paris would be a very big mistake. Each traffic intersection in Paris has a pastry kitchen or bakery with a window loaded with gateaux, attractive chocolates, and other enticing treats. In recent years, the universe of Parisian patisserie has returned to life as a new section of artisans prepare cakes, treats, cheesecakes, croissants, and other sweet treats that are definitely worth trying. Featuring long-time bakers like Pierre Hermé to unique Asian-inspired entrants at the Right Bank neighborhoods of Paris is indeed a heaven for sweet lovers. Read on to learn more about the best bakeries in Paris. Make sure you visit these places after your Private Tours Paris.


This spot truly makes one feel like you are in Utopia. Attractions include spread croissants to Chausson aux Pommes filled with apple. Similarly, most items here are straightforward yet delicious. Furthermore, the costs are very affordable. Some of the items you should not miss while visiting include the sesame eclair, simple cinnamon, and strawberry tart, or a sweet-smelling and delicious flan.

Pâtisserie Yann Couvreur Marais

This place is the younger sibling of the first Yann Couvreur close to Goncourt metro station. It might be an undervalued bakery, but its delicious pastries will tell you otherwise. Note that just eight treats are available all round the year, but each is special in their own way. Some of the finest treats they offer include the raspberry pavlova, the Madagascan vanilla millefeuille, or coriander and apricot cheesecake.

Des Gâteaux et du Pain

In case you like your pastries fruity yet simple, alongside the perfect amount of sweetness, this is the right place to go. Note that it is located close to the Left Bank spot. The host is widely acclaimed pâtissière Claire Damon, He has worked in places like Ladurée to Fauchon to Plaza Athénée. The best picks from this place are the cherry Mont-Blanc, pistachio millefeuille, or the rhubarb and grapefruit tartelettes.


This restaurant transforms into a bistro outside typical eating times. The person behind the restaurant, Moko Hirayama, a previous attorney, bakes unique pastries that get your attention when you stroll in. You will also find treats made with white chocolate and dark olives. She also prepares walnut cake which is also one of the most memorable out of the lot.

Consider the above suggestions when you visit Paris looking to taste something sweet.