Amazing Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the French Capital

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Everyone would love to welcome New Year in an exciting and unique way. One of the best options that you may consider in this case is to explore a foreign city. Needless to mention, the names of many cities may pop into your mind when it comes to New Year celebrations since this is the best time to venture abroad destinations. However, no city can beat the outstanding charisma and enchanting appeal offered by the French capital.

In fact, Paris city has a huge range of stimulating and out of the world activities and attractions in its kitty for you if you are lucky enough to be in the City of Lights to spend your New Year’s Eve. In other words, Paris offers the visitors the most happening and colorful ways to begin their new year; whether you prefer having a nice French dish while enjoying a breathtaking city view, dancing the night out in the clubs, having a glass of champagne while sitting with your group of friends or relatives, and whatnot.

New Year Celebration in Paris

Most people might think that this is just a one-night event or affair. While this is true in the case of almost every other city, the New Year celebrations in the capital city of France tend to last throughout the month.

On New Year’s Eve, French people simply wish their loved ones and indulge in any of their favorite activities. Their mailboxes will be flooded with appealing greeting cards and gifts in the following days or weeks. So, it is recommended not to be surprised if a Parisian wishes you ‘Happy New Year’ even on January 30th. Of course, it is proper etiquette to wish them in return. Are you confused about the ways to begin your New Year in Paris? If yes, you may refer to the options listed below.

A Glass of Sparkling Wine or Champagne

Paris is known for its authentic French wine varieties. So, which night will be better than the New Year’s Eve to sample some of the traditional wine varieties in the city? Otherwise, just go to any of the rooftop restaurants or spots that offer a mesmerizing view of the city and delve in its beauty while sipping a glass of your favorite champagne or sparkling wine. This will be undoubtedly the best choice for all the introverts out there.

Celebrate like a True Parisian

Parisians are known for their happy lifestyle and hence, there is nothing wrong if you wish to be like them at least for a while. Do you love to celebrate your New Year’s Eve as the locals do? Then, go and grab a papillote or any other New Year treat and purchase small firecrackers and enjoy your night. Otherwise, you can enjoy the light show or fireworks displayed at almost every nook and cranny of the city. However, it is recommended to be careful and vigilant while participating or watching the city fireworks.