What to Tell your Management to Make Them Upgrade to VoIP System

PBX System
VoIP Phone System

It is not a small act to upgrade from a legacy PBX system to a VoIP phone system. Initially, it can require a big campaign to encourage your management to do it. You can make many arguments to convince your management team that it is the right move. An effective argument is this: the older phone system is restricting the progress of your business.

A legacy PBX phone system has operational issues like the cost of adding telephone lines, higher phone bills, and the vulnerability to weather disasters.

VoIP platforms are right for a growing business and make it easier for that company’s management to add fresh users. On-site and cloud-based phone systems can add fresh lines and numbers, sans the expense and delay of a PBX system with an administrative portal. There is no need to expect the engineer to come or the telephone company to make the line active.

Reach Individuals outside Your Office

VoIP technology allows your business to profit from unified communications, which is taking workers away from desk-based dependence on phones and making these accessible even when they are off-site. Even those who are working in different places or moving around a bigger office can be reached with mobile VoIP services.

It is possible to integrate VoIP into other technology platforms your business might be relying on, like, for instance, CRM technology platform or call center technology platform.

Legacy private branch exchange systems are becoming costlier to maintain, particularly when something goes wrong or these need an upgrade. Calls transmitted on previous PTSN networks are pricier than VoIP, and this cost difference will get bigger, particularly in the international and long-distance calling categories.

VoIP can improve your business’s productivity by bringing additional technology choices to the table. With it, workers and management can communicate with each other at a level that would have been impossible with PBX. VoIP has advanced conferencing facilities that conventional lines cannot support.

Make Your PC a Phone

It is possible to install software-based phones onto computers and use the wiring that already exists at the office for broadband internet. A costly parallel wiring infrastructure is not required. This makes it much easier for managers to move or add phone extensions. If you are opening offices, then you will not have to wire in additional ports for your phones.

It is getting much easier to switch to VoIP as there are plug-and-play or PnP-ready devices with rather intuitive web interfaces. Modern and well-developed auto-positioning tools enable deploying handsets in bulk. This operation does not need to be complicated.