What to Consider When Choosing an Island Destination?

People often ask experienced tropical location travelers as to what their favorite island is. This is not an easy thing to decide mainly because there is no island destination suitable for everyone or all events. One’s favorite island may not the favorite of others, due to numerous factors that include their preferences, personality, travel style and activity level. Worry not, we will take a look at many travel aspects to help discover your perfect destination(s).


Does the thought of a comprehensive resort appeal to you, where almost everything is included beforehand, such as drinks, meals, water sports and activities? Do you like a big resort that has connections with a restaurant chain, or does residing in an intimate inn suit you best? Maybe you want to hire a villa or condominium, where you will be able to eat and be immersed in tropical island life. There are endless choices when it comes to accommodation.


Which option from among the following appeals to you most?

  • Lying on a stunning beach, sipping tropical drinks, plus reading a fine book.
  • Being in motion with land- and water-based activities right through the day.

What forms of activities attract you most? Is it golf or snorkeling or scuba diving or ziplining or deepsea diving? Do you prefer to explore historic museums and forts, or natural places like rainforests or botanical gardens? Does shipping matter to you, or will your desire for keepsakes be satisfied by purchasing handcrafted jewelry at a beachside store and picking up seashells?


For certain travelers, a visit to the beach is the most important thing to do. They may wish to walk on a stunning beach, collecting shells along the way, or bask on a spotless sand stretch gazing at the multiple-hued ocean blues. Whatever the newest list of best beaches may contain, this is also a personal choice.


Island’s topography can vary considerably, from tropical and lush to flat, desert-like and scrubby, or something in between. People consider islands that have originated from volcanic eruptions and the ones that have not. This origin dictates the appearance of the tropical island, plus its fauna, flora and the form of activities available there.

For instance, scuba divers tend not to put much importance on its topside beauty when the undersea world is impressive. Do you envision volcanic peaks and lush vegetation when you think of such an island? If yes, you may wish not to choose a desert island with the arid climate where scrub bush and cactus are commonplace.

Food and Beverages

You can generalize the type of food items and beverages you will get in tropical places, but certain islands have local specialties not found as plentifully elsewhere. Some destinations are known for their dining scene, so if anyone in your crew wants to have gourmet meals more than anything else, you should prioritize this. If there is a specific quantity of food that you are comfortable taking, how much is it? Do you wish to have KFC or McDonald’s fast food or like to mingle with the locals and sample every local delicacy?

Make it a point to have delicacies of the place that you visit. For instance, if you are traveling to Dominica, have meals with Bello signature sauce to add some tropical flavor to your food.

Location and Reaching There

After you narrow down tropical places to some that attract you, location is a consideration too. How easy and convenient will traveling to your favorite island destination be, and is this a priority? Do you mind having a long flight after you decide on the ideal location? What should you think about in regards to airports/airlines, airfare, FFPs, booking options, itineraries, and more? All of us want to reach that place as economically, directly and quickly as we can. So, how do you have to go about achieving that?


Every single island destination has a different vibe from one another. It varies as per the culture and history of such a place. If the people who live there have been mainly under French, Dutch, British or some other empire’s rule, the ambiance of it can show that heritage. US territories and some other islands have become much more Americanized than before, but others have not. Some islands are a blend of many heritages. The vibe is connected with those who work to live on the tropical island, in and outside the tourism field.

You should consider your preferences with regards to everything mentioned above when choosing the right destination for a getaway. Then, you will start to have a rough idea about which island vacation experience comes close to what you have in mind. The other important thing to consider is budget. A vacation cost seldom matches up with to what extent you are satisfied with the trip, but one with a barebones budget is unlikely to be the most memorable.