Are You Suffering From Terrible Internet Speeds At Home?

Cell phones have become the focal point of the fast lives that many of us are a part of. These nimble devices have the weight of all of the libraries in the world jam-packed within it; and all it weighs is a few grams. Never in a million years would we have thought that science and technology would propel us to the point that all that we do can be encapsulated within a metallic brick. Feel lost? You can find your way out. Feel like ordering food? Sure, go through the inventory of hundreds of restaurants and cafés in your vicinity. Want to book a cab to the airport? You can do that without having to wave your hands for every passing cab.

The world has become much simpler as a result of phones. However, phones lose much of their functionality the minute the reception is bad- all of the features that I mentioned then amounts to naught. You may be relaxing at home, when all of a sudden your reception bar just flies off the handle and all it ends up showing you is a blank ‘X’ on it. You may be in the middle of a movie marathon when all of a sudden you are yanked back to reality with a grey ‘buffer circle’ dancing on your screen.

What can you do? is there a way of boosting mobile signal at home? Luckily there are cell phone signal boosters to help you around that problem!

These make your troubles vanish without a trace and do so by boosting your weak cell reception. It is no bigger than your set-top box of your TV and comes with an external antenna that you fix on the attic or the roof. The cell phone signal booster works by capturing weak signals from the nearest cell tower using the roof-mounted antenna. It takes this signal, boosts it and then broadcast it for all cellular devices in your house to use.

It is a one-time fee and there are no recurring costs, which is what makes buying a cell phone booster a timely investment. You can expect to use them for years to come. The cost of owning one is far outweighed by the benefits of having one- it can stretch from a few pounds to a few hundred depending on how many devices you want connected at the same time, and several other functionalities- there is something for everyone when it comes to cell phone boosters.