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The capital city of France has got some dark history behind its sunny side of being the world’s fashion hub and major tourist destination. The city had witnessed some brutal and gruesome acts in history. As the city is still popular for its art and literature where many eminent artists had lived, the place was also a center for wild inventions and discoveries. Discussed below are some creepy facts about Paris City.

Transferring of Cemetery to Catacombs

When began as a church and humble graveyard in the 12th century, there was only the headstones. However, during the later parts of the 18th century, the defunct Cemetery for Holy Innocents was overflowing with the remains of millions of Parisians. Untimely rains brought a horrible smell of rotting flesh in the area. Later, in 1780, the cemetery was closed down by King Louis XVI and transferred them to Catacombs.

Haussmann’s Version of Old Paris

During the reign of Napoleon III in the later parts of the 29th century, almost all the historical structures of Renaissance and medieval Paris were demolished as a part of a massive renovation project. The emperor has commissioned this project to Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann. The older version presently remains only in 10th and 11tharrondissements and at Marais.

Parisian Street Witnessing Photography

Most likely, the first ever photo of a human was captured in the streets of Boulevard du Temple by Louis Daguerre. The historic moment was in 1838. However, a ghostly image can be visible on the left most corner of the picture, in which the person was seen waxing his shoes.

Abandoned Parisian Apartments since the 1940s

The apartment was once housed by a lady named Madame de Florian, who had a really great concern for art and paintings. She had every sort of French artwork at her house. Nevertheless, she had to suddenly abandon her living and had to move to the southern part of France. The most striking part about the apartment is that it was left untouched for a whole 70 years.

Persecution at Veld’Hiv

At the 15tharrondissement of Paris was built the sports stadium, where thousands of French Jews were brought and they were sequestered at the cells. There were around 13000 Jews at the cell. They were no more the citizens of the country and were forced to live in inhumane conditions along with getting detained in squalid. Thousands of them had to die of hunger in the cells.