Must Go Restaurants in Marais District in Paris

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Looking for a trendy and fashionable place to hangout and have food while in Marais? Then you are at the right place. Le Marais is a district with amazing dazzling shops and restaurants. Following are the eye-popping options for you if you want to please your palate.

Ambassade d’Auvergne

 A must go place in Marais to have a delicious range of food. You can enjoy the special cuisine whether it is slow cooked lamb shoulder or the requisite foie grass terrine. Whipped potatoes mixed with garlic and cheese curds are the favourite of many tourists.

Breizh Café

Breton-style crepes are the best thing to have in this place. The ingredients in savory crepes, buckwheat flour and bordier butter, would bring life to your taste buds for sure. Smoked salmon with salmon roe is classy and the Scallop varieties should be tried once in a lifetime.

Chez L’A mi Louis

Get to know an amazing fact over this place. Food writers have specified this restaurant as the best and the worst restaurant on earth.This only reason attracts many tourists and so, there is no doubt that it’s a wonderful chance to explore.

L’As du Fallafe

Best place to have the best falafel in Paris.The crispy falafel and the gooey on the outside will make lick your fingers. Need proof? Ask Lenny Kravitz! He is a huge fan of this place.

Le Colimaçon

Classic Parsian bistro is one of the best items in their menu. Foie gras and smoked duck breast, beef tartare with fries and succulent vanilla is also finger licking good.

Le Russeau, Le Burger Joint

Burger lover? Then there is good news for you. Le Burger Joint is the specialty of this place. It uses top quality beef, bakes its own cookies, buns and doublefries with A-level crispiness.

Chez Omar

Stay for the roasted lamb at this legendary North African bistro. Tagged as one of the famed Parsian bistros, this is another place that you shouldn’t miss.

Tamarind Thai Restaurant

Just the right place to find Thai food in Paris. These things are more popular near the Eiffel Tower or Montmartre. It is within walking distance of the Place de la Bastille.

Les Philosophiles

This restaurant is famous for French cuisine. Its 1920’s style is eye catching and tourists love to visit this place in summer. It has an outdoor sitting area and is an amazing place to hangout.

L’Aller Retour

It is a restaurant high up in the north of Le Marais, riding right on the edge of the Folie-Méricourt district. Its book lined shelves and kitsch 50’s wallpaper will blow up your mind.

So, keep in mind this list of wonderful places the next time you are in Marais and make a visit to any of those you love.