About Us

Paris has been getting tourists for centuries, thanks to its historic monuments, cultural treasures, gourmet cuisine, and luxury shopping options. People visiting from the world over have a variety of things to do here, such as visit the famous museums, take cruises on the Seine, or just walk down the streets and take in the sights. However, simply seeing Paris is not the same as understanding what makes it such a fascinating place.

When taking a tour of the City of Lights, staying off the mass-market experience every so often can net you the kind of good times everyone wants to look back on. This is where we can help. We offer the benefits of what we know about the most fun and meaningful activities and attractions available in the city. It goes without saying that one cannot take in all of Paris even if they had a year to do it, but it is definitely possible to make things go more smoothly when you set out to sample the Parisian life. For example, it helps to know when the crowds are thinnest at a given place, as well as ways to bypass long lines of people so that you do not have to spend hours on your feet.

We are here to show you a side of Paris that a lot of tourists miss out on, which can be a game-changer on many levels. You get to learn about the most charming spots which mostly only locals visit, as well as different obscure traditions that form an essential part of life in Paris. The fascinating history of this place yields many gems in the form of cross-cultural experiences, which let you understand Paris the way it actually is, as opposed to what you see on postcards or even in travel documentaries.

Aside from simply looking up Parisian architecture and visiting the most popular picks, Paris offers you the chance to achieve regular fun and enjoyment, which can be enhanced if you know a few details on the lay of the land. What neighborhoods give you the best shopping experiences? Where can you eat good food without making reservations beforehand? Which are the best places to go and do some salsa dancing? Which places provide the best service? There is a lot of such information that can help you, and we serve that up in the most interesting ways.